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compadre's coffee by swollenskull compadre's coffee by swollenskull
Title: Compadre's Coffee
About: My entry for the #goodlogo contest, so just for practice. I wanted to create a retro coffee shop logo, and i think i reached my purpose pretty closely.

These are the things that i extra looked out for: memorability, simplicity, high craftsmanship, minimal color use, typography & appropriateness.

What they do
Compadre's Coffee is a new coffee establishment located in San Antonio, Texas. They are a coffee shop much like Starbucks or similar, but unlike most coffee shops they have their own coffee bean farm which they harvest beans from and grind fresh on-site. Every cup of coffee you buy from Compadre's is guaranteed 100% organic, and is the freshest coffee experience you can possibly get. Compadre's believes that their customers should only drink coffee that they would drink themselves, and believes that supporting their community is important. They donate 5% of their profits to local community projects.

What they want to communicate
Compadre's wants everybody to know they make fantastic, delicious, organic coffee and that they do it themselves. They want to see a reference to the local culture of San Antonio in some way, and want to also feel warm and friendly. They want to make sure their logo is easy to use on the aprons and caps their employees wear.

Fav's, watches and comments or any other kind of feedback are most welcome!

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February 13, 2010
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